About Zylus Group

Zylusgroup  is a fast-growing, privately owned, and internationally recognized business capital organization with interests in Real Estate, Investment, Human Capital Development, Agriculture, Designs and Printing, Media, Transport and Logistics, Travel and Tours, and many more.

Our corporate culture speaks Professionalism, Excellence, Integrity, Knowledge, and Service to offering top-notch services to all our partners across all our operational subsidiaries.

The company’s operation is governed and guided by a strict Code of Ethics which sets the pace for its operations, commitment to excellence, and professionalism. With the support of her committed team, Zylus Group International has grown tremendously in revenue, size, and strength whilst maximizing the business potentials of her esteemed clients, both locally and internationally.

The company is driven by its mantra: nurturing dreams and building realities, through its commitment to providing solutions to the housing deficit problems faced by Nigerians, empowering Nigerian youths through human capital development.

Zylus Group boasts of owning over 15 estates in several parts of Nigeria and has since evolved into a group since its inception as “Oga for Property” in 2018

Zylus Group is the parent company of over 30 subsidiaries including Zylus Homes and Property Limited, Zylus Investment Limited, Zylus Transport, and Logistics Limited, Zylus Property Development Limited, Zylus Travels, and Tour Limited, Zylus Designs and Prints Limited, Zylus Media Hub, Zylus Elites Thrift and Credit Co-operative Society, Zylus Farmvest Limited; Zylus Property Management Limited, among many other functioning subsidiaries.

We aim to become one of Africa’s most prominent conglomerates with a mandate to control over 80 independently-financed subsidiaries in five countries worldwide within our first ten years of operation, and currently have a presence in 4 states of the federation, and employs over 8,000 Nigerians in its operations.

We are governed by the general algorithm that every client is number one. In view of this, our value for existing clients, investors, or prospects knows no bound.

Zylus Group’s strategic framework consciously penetrates new markets daily and prides itself on enhancing the tradition of extraordinary services. The company’s constant growth since its creation has proven that her expertise, market skills, and hard work keep satisfying her clients.

Zylus Group is led by Oluwatosin Olatujoye, Chairman, and Bukola Olatujoye, Group Chief Executive Officer, with the support of a qualified and highly motivated management team on a unique model that involves constant development and evolution, Zylus Group International has defiled all odds, disrupted the norm, and set a standard in the Real Estate industry in Nigeria and across Africa.

As a corporate firm, Zylus Group International is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (RC 1668319), licensed and regulated by the Lagos State Real Estate Regulatory Authority (LASRERA), Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN), and the Special Control Unit against Anti- Money Laundering (SCUML).

Zylus Group International has been nominated and won several awards including the Real Estate Excellence Award in 2020, the Excellence Award as a 21st-century Real Estate Company in 2020, and The Next Bulls Award 2021 in Recognition of Market Leadership and Pace-setting Innovation by Businessday.

Zylus Group International has carried out several Community Social Responsibility initiatives during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and has continued to provide help to the needy since then with its FEED THE 1000 initiative, where we fed over 1000 less privileged, among other initiatives.

Why We Rebranded?

The number one real estate and investment firm in Nigeria rebranded from “Oga for property” to Zylus Group International as a result of her expansion.

The company’s operation is governed and guided by a strict Code of Ethics which sets the pace for its operations, commitment to excellence, and professionalism.

The term Zylus is coined from the word Zeal meaning energy. Formed with a group of highly intellectual young professionals, the name Zylus was given because it’s believed that the energetic team has the zeal to do every, many and all things as it relates to the economy.

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