Where is Lekki Pride II located?

lekki pride II

Lekki Pride II Estate is located at Ajiwe Bus Stop, by Abraham Adesanya Roundabout, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ajah Lagos, it offers apartments tailored to meet your highest standards, with excellently designed luxury homes, that bring comfort, luxury, and appreciation over time.

It is an estate that gives you the feeling of safety with a unique blend of comfort, affordability, and luxury.

Feel the pride of living at Lekki Pride II, and experience luxury in an admirable estate designed just for you.  All the rooms are fully en-suite with high-quality tiles, large dining and living area with security smart lock doors.


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Lekki Pride II  offers a blend of luxury and a serene ambiance. It is a unique and exquisite estate strategically built to solve the housing needs of Nigerians while meeting world-class standards. Lekki Pride II will provide classy, modern homes with flexible payment plans which would allow buyers to enjoy world-class amenities without being financially stretched.

 Lekki Pride II shares proximity with:

·         Eti-Osa Maternal and Child Centre

·         Ajiwe Police Station

·         Conoil Filling Station

·         Agofure Motors

·         God is Good Motor Park

·         Abraham Adesanya Roundabout and many more notable landmarks.


Some of the facilities at the estate include; Lekki Pride Mall which will feature, village market, pharmacy, grocery shop, salon, dry cleaning services, lettable shop spaces, and more. Other facilities are Lekki Pride II Daycare, Recreational Centre, Solar Powered Streetlights, CCTV Surveillance, Estate Gym, Cameras, Smart Home Features 24-hours Power Supply, modern drainage system, Perimeter Fencing, Portable water, spacious parking space and a lot more. Here are some reasons why we decided to give 

1. Facility management Building: The management is performed in a strategic and systematic manner. It satisfies day to day delivery of operational objectives for the attainment of maximum security.

2. Security/Surveillance Camera: Surveillance systems are an essential part of securing your home or business. These systems can range from wireless home security cameras to sophisticated alarm systems that notify law enforcement at the first sign of trouble. The presence of security cameras can serve as a deterrent to would-be thieves, while hidden cameras can protect discretely. In ensuring maximum security to life and properties, Lekki Pride II provides a quality Surveillance camera and experienced security personnel.


3. Drainage system: Properly installed drainage system helps to keep water away from your roof and your foundation. It minimizes soil erosion and foundation damage. This system is one of the unique features of Lekki Pride  II as it guarantees a good drainage system.


4. Solar Street light: Electricity produced from solar panels is non-pollutive. Major advantages of street lighting include the prevention of accidents and an increase in safety. Lekki Pride  II provides solar energy in strategic places so as to ensure the safety of lives and properties.


 5. Gym and Game Centre: Games, gyms are recreational activities that promote the cordial relationship between people. In a bid to achieve this, Lekki Pride II provides a gymnasium and game center for residents as a way of promoting peace, love in the estate. Lekki Pride II also provides a good interlocking road and a good power supply system.




Lekki Pride II comprises of tastefully finished and semi-finished:

  1. 3 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex+ BQ

  2. 3 Bedroom Semi-Detached Duplex + BQ

  3. 3 Bedroom Terrace Duplex + BQ

  4. 2 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex+ BQ

  5. 2 Bedroom Apartment

  6. 2 Bedroom Terrace Duplex+ BQ

  7. 4 Bedroom Semi-Detached Duplex+ BQ

  8. 4 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex+ BQ

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