All You Need To Know About Land Banking Investment

Are you new to the concept of Land Banking and Land Banking Investment? Do you have concerns about investing in land and have questions demanding urgent answers?

At the end of this blog post, you would not only have all the answers to your questions but also be determined to invest in Land Banking.

To fully understand the concept of Land Banking and fully take advantage of its numerous benefits, you must be ready to learn and unlearn. The concept abuses the conventional investment model and offers investors the opportunity to not only be in control of their investments but also have a huge assurance that their investment is safe.

Firstly, if you thought Land Banking is a new investment concept, you thought wrong. Land Banking is as old as man and has been practiced as far back as the traditional land ownership and tenure system.

Land Banking refers to the investment that allows you to earn on a parcel of land you own over time. Yes, it’s that simple! You pay for a land plot over an agreed period; during that period, you earn high interest on the land.

While conventional banking investments offer very low-interest rates, you can earn as much as 35% per annum with Land Banking Investment. Oh yes, that was not a typo. You can earn as much as 35% per annum on investments in Land Banking.

Recently, a prominent Real Estate entrepreneur was in the news earlier in the year after he revealed his success nuggets. 

“Some years ago, before development came to Ibeju-Lekki, I bought Acres of land from one of the indigenous families in the locality,” he said. “I wasn’t quite sure he was making the right decision when I purchased the land because I diverted all the proceeds of my business on the investment.

“My initial intentions for purchasing the land were for agriculture, but circumstances did not allow me to achieve that purpose. So I left the land, not sure of what may happen afterward. 

“In 2010, my fears came alive when land grabbers sold off the lands. Despite the experience, I did not lose hope in Real Estate and made the right choice when I ventured into Land Banking Investment through Zylus Groups.”

What is Land Banking Investment?

Land banking investment is the process of acquiring future real estate development sites at today’s prices. Today’s prices are foreseen to be lower than what they will be in the future. 

Accordingly, investors hope to profit by selling their already secured land for greater profits down the line.

However, Land Banking Investments takes Land Banking a step further. It involves the process of providing a land guarantee to investors over a period of time. 

How Long Has Land Banking Been Around?

This strategy is nothing new. One of the most well-known examples of Land Banking over the past 500 years is John Jacob Astor, who used this strategy to become the first multimillionaire in the United States. 

He realized the power of Land Banking when he purchased large tracts of land, which are now known as “Manhattan.” 

He acquired this land at a time when nobody else realized the opportunity. At the time of his death, Astor’s estimated net worth would have been equivalent to $110.1 billion in 2006 U.S. dollars, making him the fourth richest person in American history.

Why Land Banking Makes for a Good Investment

  •  Over the long run, land values are always going up: this is true globally
  • You can decide to make improvements on the land: which will make it more valuable
  • Land is relatively abundant and thus cheap: especially in developing countries like Nigeria
  • Land is easier to manage than built-up properties: no utility fees, no tenant problems, etc.
  • Land is a safe investment that will always be in demand for one reason or another.

Interested in Land Banking?

When it comes to Land Banking Investment, think no further. Think Zylus Group.

We are the first Land Investment Banking Company, opening our exclusive network to a new class of investors.

For long, real estate investments were a forte for those in the top-echelon, financially adequate, and good in brains with money. While, sure, more and more retail investors are jumping on the scene today, the market is still dominated by those who label themselves as professional “real estate” entrepreneurs.

As a team, we are working towards changing it towards liberalizing the market and unearth more real estate investment opportunities for anyone and everyone – from rich people to those in the middle-class because we believe that being a (profitable) property investor should be a far-fetched idea to NO ONE.

Zylus Homes is one of the fastest emerging real estate investment companies. Doing away from the existing industry standards, our end-to-end services stretch beyond the traditional boundaries, assuring to cover all your requirements from every angle. Our services work in a unique model that’s an ideal fit for everyone – property owners, sellers, investors, tycoons, you, them, and everybody. And our large and qualified team enables us to be at your service always.

Zylus Homes extend its real estate investment services to residential and commercial niches, making sure that investors’ money yields the best outcome. So, whether you’re looking for the best place to buy an investment property, want your money to start working for you, or have some other custom needs, Zylus Property investment scheme is a project you can trust. As the number one land banking company in Nigeria, we assure you to fit in all your needs and goals.

Land Banking Investment provides investors with a liquid, cost-effective, and diversified way to gain access to the real estate industry.

Why is Land Banking Not Very Popular?

Most investors don’t pay much attention to this opportunity because they don’t have patience. People want their money now; they don’t want to wait for decades to realize their gains. It’s an understandable objection to land investing, and I’ve made some of my own investment decisions based on the same logic. There’s no time like the present.

What about retirement? What kind of fallbacks do you have when (not if) the stock market crashes? Think 10, 20, or even 30 years from now – what will real estate look like then, and what decisions should you be making TODAY to make the most of the future? Just take a look at a few examples of when land banking made sense…


Trends in Nigeria show that real estate keeps appreciating despite inflation and unstable market trends. With a housing deficit of twenty-two million, a vast population of Nigerians needs good accommodation; investors in the real estate industry are almost certain of increased interest rates, not minding the economic weather.

Now you can diversify outside of the public markets with private real estate, especially with our Land Banking Investment plans, allowing you to reduce risk, improve stability, and maximize profits.


You pay your rent and other service charges on a monthly basis. Why not have the potential to get Returns on a monthly basis? The choice is yours to make, but if I were you, I would start investing today. Yes, Land Banking makes that possible. Take a look at some lucky realtors who went home smiling with cheques and lots of prizes; you too can be a winner of land banking investment 3.0 


Not to be egotistic, you should choose us because we are the BEST.

Yes, Because we aren’t just a company that wants to be the best – we’re a company that believes in redefining the industry for investors goodwill. We believe in going a mile (or two) extra to help all with their investments through our wide range of services and personalized care.

Today, we have a large team of qualified professionals and experts who champion their respective areas. Aligning their personal goals with the company’s core values and principles, the team is passionate and committed to bringing optimum value to the clients.

Here are a few of factors that make ZYLUS  LAND  BANKING INVESTMENT  PROJECT   the hottest:

  •  Guaranteed maximum investor‘s convenience
  •  Automated processes that guarantee convenience and speed
  •  A track record of successful investments
  • A passionate, hard-working team of experts and professionals
  • Personalized experience to all, so you’re never stuck with the what’s and how’s

Any questions or concerns? Contact us and a relationship manager will be assigned to you.

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