What is Land Banking Project?

What is Land Banking Project?

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Land Banking Project is a Real Estate investment initiative that involves the co-owning of a house with anyone of interest for the purpose of reselling to make a profit. Land banking Project is a secured and reliable Real Estate investment Powered ZYLUS

For over three years, it has served the investment and property development needs of investors with great returns and has become the go-to platform for smart real estate investors.

Over 1000 customers have benefitted and we are still counting. The Land Banking Project kicked off as a real estate strategic investment scheme where large expanse of land are acquired and developed into houses for investors while enjoying returns on profit after such developments. 

This initiative started with 1.0 in 2018 and went on to 11.0 as at August 2021and for the duration, several investors grew their wealth through the profit generated with the investment and we have over 3000 happy customers. 

Now, the Land Banking Project has grown even bigger with the odds higher for smart investors ready to enjoy more profits. With the Land Banking Project, you can now co-own a home by pooling funds with someone to jointly own home for the purpose of investment. 

Are you thinking of expanding your investments in Real Estate Development to earn good Returns on Investment (ROI), create wealth, and secure a future for yourself and your family? Then, don’t look too far! Land banking Project is all you need! LAND BANKING PROJECT OFFER You will enjoy 30% returns of the building cost for 1year and 14% returns in 6months in direct proportion to your investment sum in addition to your capital. Get started here.

To guarantee your investment, find below the following documents we will present to you:
-Post-dated Cheque (Capital + Returns)
-Investment Certificate
– Allocation Deed
– Insurance.

We are  registered and licensed Real Estate Developer with the Corporate Affairs Commission (RC1668319), and the Lagos State Real Estate Regulatory Authority. Our company is insured by one of the reputable insurance company in Nigeria Licensed by NAICOM and we guarantee that your invested funds would be used for property development only

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