How To Sell and Make Over 1 million in this period of pandemic as a realtor

  As businesses and life style shift to remote work during this coronavirus pandemic, the sales profession needs to adjust the way we do business.
Whether you like it or not we have entered into another quarter of 2020.
In this training you will learn how to:
  •  Cross sell an exiting client.
  •  Selling with commitment fee.
  • Selling property with irresistible offer.
  •  Selling using referrals strategy.
  •  Sales positioning toward post coronavirus.
  As a realtor, are you just staying at home doing nothing or you have transcended and find a new way to keep meeting with your prospect and remain active in business.  Remember that you only earn from what you bring on the table, so this is the time to learn how your income will keep coming in despite the challenges.
Do you ever ask your self this question that, what if the pandemic did not end till the end of this year, will you still fold your hands and watch yourself depreciate economically?
No matter the challenges, time wait for nobody.  Are you willing to learn more on how to sell and make money during this period?
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