Property development savings scheme


A unique investment opportunity that allows investors to make a monthly contribution of a minimum of #20,000 while enjoying a 25% ROI.

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PDSS is an initaive of Zylus Group International and powered by one of its subsidiarry Zylus elite Corperative Multipurpose Society Limited. It is specially designed for low and medium-income earners who are willing to make returns through investment. Property Development Savings Scheme is a real estate investment platfrom that allows every individual save a monthly basic for a period of one (1) year to co-join the development of a building project to re sale and earn 25% return on annul savings calculated on a pro rated basic


  1. Minimum monthly Savings is N20,000 per unit
  2. Minimum Duration is one (1) year
  3. 25% Return on annual savings
  4. Maturity Benefit Remain payable at the end of tenure
  5. Maturity payment is the total amount contributed plus the return on investment
  6.  Withdrawal within one year attract a charges of 10%
  7. Maturity proceed can be invested in a lump sum deposit in land banking investment project with higher interest rate
  8. Maturity payment is payable in less than 48 hours
  9. Funds is strictly use for property development
  10. Once payment is made an e-certificate and receipt is automatically sent to your mail


Zylus investment Ltd, Zylus subsidiary of Zylus Group

Property Development Saving Scheme

It’s a scheme that involves an individual, corporate organization or cooperative society invest in real estate monthly a saving plan towards the development of building project for resale at a profit and the profit generated is shared with investors. With PDSS, you can stop spending excessively and put away funds you do not want to spend

  1. To generate passive income through real estate
  2. Help you to accumulate funds
  3. its use to develop housing project and in turn reduce housing deficit

You can get your duration for 12 months or 24 months

Your security is our top priority, that is why we work with a PCIDSS- compliant payment processor, paystack to handle your card details. The card details are very safe

25% interest rate on your monthly contributions

Receipt and investment certificate

Yes, you will earn 5% referral bonus

Subsequent Monthly payments should be made on or before 7 days of the start date, and no interest will count on payments outside of the 7 days grace. 

Save towards a property acquisition and enjoy 25% ROI on your Monthly Investments

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