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LAND BANKING INVESTMENT PROJECT POOL–     The Solution To High Inflation Rate

High Inflation rate has eating deeply into so many idle funds and any investment you do now that the rate is not above the present inflation rate of 12.26% is a loss. By this reason, we present: LandBanking Investment Project Pool .

This is a real estate platform where you invest in real estate project pool to make profit/interest of 30% in one year and 60% in 2year.

Our testimonials will speak for us as so many people has benefited from this real estate investment project pool.

The fund invested is comprehensively insured, the land itself serve as security till we pay you your capital and interest, you will get a signed postdated cheque for your maturity payment.

The duration are 6mnths, 9mnths, 12mnths, 18mnths, 24mnths.

The investment plan varies: we have: FLEX- 100K -500K, PRO- 501-5M and PREMIUM- 5.1M – 100M with different interest rate

We are fully registered company operating our business head office in Lagos.

Money kept in bank is losing value and money invested in real estate is gaining value. Invest now!!!


Investment Plan



Frequently asked questions about Land Banking Investment 

Zylus Homes  and property

Land Banking Investment

6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18months and 24months


Interest rate for 12 months is 30%

You can get your interest upfront or at maturity. NB: Upfront interest attract deduction of 2% for 6 months and 4% for 12 months

  • Deed of agreement
  • Insurance documents ( to be given subject to delivery by the insurance company), postdated cheque for maturity
  • Receipt of payment

Yes, a representative from our company will call/visit you notifying you of your investment project maturity

The minimum amount to be invested is One Hundred Thousand Naira only (#100,000)

Zylus Investment LTD does not accept cash and will not be liable for such , as all payment are made through the company account

  • Completed Application from
  • Valid ID ( photocopy of either voters card, national ID card, INTL passport, drivers licence
  • Proof of Address ( Utility Bill, Lawma)
  • Passport photograph ( 2 copies)
  • Evidence of initial deposit/transfer slip ( photocopy)

Land Banking Investment Testimonials

A decent company that keeps its word as its bond

Barr. Rotimi Aladesanmi

Nothing beats integrity, sincerity and honesty in business; and yours is second to none! I wouldn't say no to any future investment opportunity with your company and will also recommend other investors to you. You're the best

Okekearu Joy Chinemerem

Thanks for your uprightness in business. You're the best

Gilberto Esther

Integrity is a fertile ground for any business to become MEGA. I invented last year on land banking investment, bought Richview (sqm) 1.5. Zylus Homes and Properties, formerly Oga for property just helped me sold at maturity of my investment and I just got paid my capital and my interest. Thank you Zylus Homes and Properties

Rotimi Ojamamoye

It was nice doing business with Zylus Homes and Properties. The return on investment (ROI) was delivered as agreed with extra for the little delay

Ekundayo Oloaifa

This is why we do what we do. Hear what our client is saying

Clients Requirements

  • Completed subscription online form
  • Passport photograph
  • Valid I.D card
  • Evidence of payment

Land Banking Application Form




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