1. This GUARANTOR FORM is a serious undertaking. Please do not guarantee someone you do not know very well.
  2. The Guarantor must be a responsible and reputable adult citizen drawn from any of this listed category: Medical Doctor, Legal Practitioner, Senior Engineer, Accountant , Senior Civil servant, Clergy, Recognized Traditional Ruler, etc
  3. Affix and sign over your photograph, which will be entered into the applicant’s record if he/she is employed by the Company or her clients.
  4. Should the person you guarantee misbehave or abandon his/her employment with this Company you will be contracted and requested to recover properties that may be in his/her possession, or refund any loss that may arise from his/her negligence/fraudulent acts.

The Guarantor Hereby covenanted as follows;

The ( Guarantor) undertakes to indemnify or redeem the Company by reason of any default, conversion, embezzlement, theft, fraud and debts to the company by the applicant, undertake and agrees to personally make good such property/ properties or pay in cash/cheque the equivalent of such money/income misappropriated within 30 clear days following a NOTICE from the company.

The Guarantor further undertakes to be named a party of any civil litigation/action arising from any default of action arising from claims of recovery of the property/properties and/or money/monies so wrongfully withheld, embezzled, converted, stolen and such acts which shall be prejudicial to the (company)


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