5 Reasons why you should buy Lekki Pride 2

5 benefits why should buy Lekki Pride II in Abraham Adesanya from Zylus Group International

Lekki Pride II  offers apartments tailored to meet your highest standards, with excellently designed luxury homes, that bring comfort, luxury, and appreciation over time.

It is an estate that gives you the feeling of safety with a unique blend of comfort, affordability, and luxury.

Feel the pride of living at Lekki Pride II, and experience luxury in an admirable estate designed just for you.  All the rooms are fully en-suite with high-quality tiles, and a large dining and living area with security smart lock doors.

Lekki Pride II  offers a blend of luxury and a serene ambiance. It is a unique and exquisite estate strategically built to solve the housing needs of Nigerians while meeting world-class standards. 

Lekki Pride II shares proximity with:

  •     Eti-Osa Maternal and Child Centre
  •     Ajiwe Police Station
  •     Conoil Filling Station
  •     Agofure Motors
  •     God is Good Motor Park


 Here are 5 reasons why you should buy Lekki Pride II


1. Title


Lekki Pride II has a C of O ( Governor’s Consent), this certificate gives comfort and security.  There are several reasons why a landed property must have a good title, some of them are.


 I. Proof of Ownership of Land:

In the absence of any other better title to the land, your registered title is proof of ownership of the land and makes the land marketable in your favor. If you want to sell your land, all you need is to show the prospective buyer the Registered Title and would not have to produce any other proof of ownership. The buyer does not have to peruse any other complex legal documents to prove ownership.


Ii.  Government Compensation.

If you have unregistered land, you will not be entitled to receive compensation from the government in the event of compulsory acquisition of the land for the overriding public interest. The government will only pay compensation to landowners with validly registered title deeds upon presentation.


iii. Security.

Your unregistered land is at the risk of fraudulent sale and trespass, whereas, registered land is insured against the fraudulent sale and illegal encroachment. A registered title offers you a sense of security and peace of mind whether you are in actual possession of the land or you reside abroad. By a simple search conducted at the Lands Registry, future prospective buyers will become aware that the land belongs to you. And if you want to sell, prospective buyers will be assured that there will be no adverse claims over the land as you are the registered owner.

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2. Location

Location of Lekki Pride II. abraham adesanya, Zylus Group International

Location is one of the things that homebuyers will be looking at when considering which property to purchase. Everyone wants a home in a location they find desirable. So what makes a location desirable? Things like schools, convenience, good electricity, social amenities, safety, and more! A central location is one of the best ways to determine desirability especially when it comes to the ‘downtown’ area of fast-growing cities, Lekki Pride II offers this and more. 

Lekki Pride II  is located in a well-developed environment that gives you access to nature such as beaches and other social amenities like the Mother and Child Maternity Home

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3. Off-plan


reasons why you should buy lekki pride II. off plan zylus group international


The term ‘off-plan property’ refers to property that is available for purchase before it has been constructed. This is where the phrase ‘buying off-plan comes from; typically (but not always) relating to apartments.

Off-plan property is sometimes marketed to real estate agents or clients who purchase it with the aim of making capital gains by taking advantage of any discounts and selling into a rising market. In a rapidly-rising market, a buyer may even be able to sell the contract, meaning they have the potential to earn a profit on the property before it is completed. 

This is a good reason why you shouldn’t skip this post without speaking to our sales agent.  Off-plan property may also be desirable where an area is in high demand, and purchasers want to secure a future property.


   Importance or Benefits for off-plan includes


  • It gives the ability to resell the property at a profit.
  • It gives you an opportunity to buy the property with a minimal deposit.
  • You are able to secure a purchase price below market value.
  • Gives investors peace of mind, taking the stress off during a building project.
  • The property is brand new and fresh.

4. Estate Facilities


recreational centre, Lekki Pride II


A good estate must have different facilities to enhance the growth and sale of that property. A real Estate agent or client put it as important when purchasing a property, in fact, this is the second reason why most real estate or clients go for a particular property. You will agree with me that you can’t stay in an environment where there is no recreational center, mall, grocery store, etc. When a property has all of these and more, it shows the property is poised for growth and expansion. In Lekki Pride II you will see the following estate facilities. 

  • -Creche (Day Care)
  • -Mall
  • -Grocery Store
  • -Fitness Club
  • -Workstation office
  • -Retail Shops.
  • -Gym
  • -Pool
  • -24 hours Street light
  • -Internal Garden Relaxation area.

5. All building options are available

land titles and their meaning

Buildings in Nigeria come in various styles, forms, and shapes — from mansions to bungalows to terraces. These different types of houses all have something unique about them. The whole profession of architecture is dedicated to the designing and construction of such buildings — with particular attention paid to aesthetic values.

Over the years, some housing styles have gone in and out of fashion. However, the core concept of a home remains — a place where one can seek shelter.

Here are building available for sale in Lekki Pride II, in a short while all the buildings in Lekki Pride II will be sold out. You can’t start your home journey with procrastination, the time for you to own your home with peace and comfort is now!  Call our sales agent right now to secure a building in Lekki Pride ii. 

  • 2 bedroom Apartment 
  • 2 bedroom Terrace Duplex with BQ
  • 2 bedroom Fully Detached Duplex with BQ
  • 3 bedroom Semi Detached Duplex with BQ
  • 3 bedroom Terrace Duplex with BQ
  • 3 bedroom Fully Detached Duplex with BQ
  • 4 bedroom Semi Detached Duplex with BQ
  • 4 bedroom Fully Detached Duplex with BQ

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Now that you have known reasons why you should key in Lekki Pride II, it is time to take the bold step and speak to our sales agent to get started.

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